Architecture Makes Us: Sonia Leber and David Chesworth’s Cinematic Visions, Centre of Contemporary Photography,’ Memo Review, exhibition review, 2018. URL:

Review of Australian artists Leber and Chesworth’s mid-career survey. In a discussion of the exhibition’s manifestation of physical and discursive architecture, Leber and Chesworth’s six video works come to define the social territorialisation of space. Through imagined collective consciousness and the anxiety of individualism, the exhibition’s ambitious merging of installation design and existing architecture are praised for its triumphant success.   


‘Christian Thompson’ and ‘Sir John Longstaff’, 80/80. Eighty Years of SAM. The Collection, Shepparton: Shepparton Art Museum, 2016, pp. 50-1; 172-3.

Short biographical didactics written with the guidance of Director Rebecca Coates and Senior Curator Anna Briers. Working with Shepparton Art Museum’s collection and archive, these didactics appeared in a seminal publication cataloguing SAM’s extensive historical, ceramic, and contemporary Australian art collection. Christian Thompson’s Dead as a Door Nail (2009), for which I wrote the didactic, was the publication’s cover image.  


‘Anna Varendorff’s Digital Systems x Pieces of Eight Gallery’, Ladies of Leisure, exhibition review, 2016, URL:

Review of an exhibition opening at Pieces of Eight. The review considers the design object within the frame of the gallery, and embraces Varendorff’s practice of personalisation. Ladies of Leisure is an online platform that champions the multifarious manifestations of feminism and identity.